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Development and use of high-performance distributed ICT systems to support ELTE's participation in large international research projects

The consortium of the ELTE Institute of Physics, ELTE Directorate of Informatics and the National Information Infrastructure Development Institute (NIIF) was formed to undertake a unique project to develop infrastructures supporting research of excellence. The project will have an impact to participate more efficiently in three international large projects: 1.) LIGO, 2.) Pan-Starrs and 3.) LSST.

From ICT point of view, the project aims at putting computing infrastructure elements of the national higher education and research institutions on a common resource pool. This flexible manageable infrastructure will first serve the computing and storage needs of astrophysical research and later those of other scientific fields. An easily usable, uniformly manageable, dynamic resource allocation based cloud will be designed and a software to implement these functions will be developed.

The project also aims at developing the university’s research capacity in order to increase its ability to better exploit R&D results. The services of Technology Transfer Office (TTO) will be improved in order that TTO become a flexible organisation connecting business and academia both at national and European level.

Special programmes will be carried out to develop staff competencies in the field of technology transfer, innovation and EU grant management. We intend to extend our international network and increase our capacity to be able to join international large projects.

Project number: KTIA_AIK_12-1-2012-0020
Project leader: Dr. Zsolt Frei
Total grant: 239 282 775 HUF

Work packages:

1.1.    Astrophysical research
1.2.    ICT research and networking
1.3.    Human resource development
1.4.    R&D service development at the ELTE Center for Innovation and Grant Affairs
1.5.    Networking, development of research and innovation cooperations
2.1.    Project management
2.2.    Dissemination

Project coordinator: ELTE
Project partner: NIIF
Project duration: 1 May 2013 – 31 october 2015

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